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AIDS… Are You Afraid? This week when school starts, September 5 th, a new child is enrolling. The school will not give out her name but they will give out more personal things for example, she is HIV infected. I was sad for the girl but i was also happy to hear this, because it will educate the kids at WindamTech. Another reason is that i would enjoy letting this girl to be finally ‘let in’; for once, and this would also be good for the community. How AIDS entered this world is uncertain, people have their theories; AIDS came from monkeys, the people with the virus to control the population, and African Americans brought the virus from Africa.

This is only the beginning, people these days think that the virus can be spread through toilet seats or even hugging. This is why we need to educate the people, tell them the truth, you can only get aids through blood, vomit, sem an, needles, or vaginal se creations. She will educate the school and the community. It would also be very helpful to this girl who is infected to be ‘let in’; for once. Not only the girl has fear but her family has fear too. Fear that people will find out and know.

As a surviving sister was furious with her parents because they would not acknowledge to anyone that her brother had AIDS. They told everyone he died from a. # This is very important because the last few moments of this girls life should be delightful, not humiliating. Bringing an infected person to the community will be good for it.

Over 35, 000 people die from AIDS which means they have to live somewhere, why not here? Imagine the heading on the front page, ‘ Community of Windham has a special heart’; . This could lead to more budget, tax cuts, or even an award! ! ! That is why i agree on letting this infected chid into our school and community because, educating the people is needed, ‘letting this girl in’; , and bringing good to this community are the reasons i vote YES. Next time you see or hear of someone with AIDS step out of the cw rod of onlookers and talk with the person because they are just like me and you.

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