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Analysis Paper Gabriela ArmendarizUniversity of Phoenix RES 110: Introduction to Research and Information Utilization Group LM 04 ICS 04 Shari L. Lane, MBA January 6, 2005 I have read two particular articles that are about the topic I chose for my analysis. Both articles identify facts that support their beliefs. One true fact from one of the articles states “The basic is simple: Life begins not at birth, but at conception. It is a scientific and biological one.” Another fact about a different article states, “In order for it to be a human being it needs an internal organization, organs, and especially a human brain to be considered fully human.” As I read both articles to understand each perspective there were two opposites one pro one con. On the Pro side of the argument, I found that the person who wrote the article had a moralistic approach about the topic.

The topic that I chose to analyze was Abortion. Abortion always has two sides of a story, which is a very interesting topic to discuss because as you discuss this topic with others you will find that everyone has a different approach to what their beliefs are. I for one am I believer of Pro-Life. The woman that wrote this article has a lot of pro side to her argument. She talked about how chromosomes and eggs come together to form an embryo.

She talks about the risk factors when having an abortion that is voluntary. She believed that even though there may be life, or potential life, or however one wants to refer to the fetus, that by denying a woman the right to an abortion is denying her control of her body. Being a woman myself, I am obviously against people trying to control women or their bodies. But the fetus is a completely separate life from the woman. She brought up great ideas to support her belief, which is why this particular topic is very, very intriguing. Now, the other side of the topic is Pro-choice.

The ability to decide for yourself that you can have an abortion, the pro-choice philosophy maintains that the availability of good medical abortions protects the health and fertility of women and allows children to be born into homes where they can receive love, care, affection, and respect for their unique individuality, so that these children grow up to be joyful, loving, caring, responsible members of the community, able to enter into meaningful relationships with others. This article talks great opinions to support their debate. There are many unique tactics that each of the article uses to lure one into believing the way they do. One of the articles speaks about her and what she went through and how she had to deal with the health and benefits of having an abortion. And how she regretted everything that happened. Sometimes when people want to convince someone about a topic, whether it be personal or just something they heard they try to use their own personal life and obstacles that over come them and make them the people they want to be.

Other times someone can convince you about something by statistics that they have found, or by little known facts of the situation, but little known facts can sometimes not be exactly about the topic rather leaning towards something that is close to it. You also have to look at exactly what the others background has to do, with why they continue to debate in a pro and con decision. Sometimes realizing how credible the author is makes a lot of sense of why they would tend to debate on such topic. The woman that speaks about Pro-life has a lot of morality to her argument. It could be because of the way she was brought up and also speaking to upper division fellow, candidates that have the knowledge more credible, as opposed to not having someone that knows or has knowledge of the topic. She gives percentages, she gives numbers, an d also different court cases that deal with this issue, which makes her have that much more situations to debate on.

Also, by making polls and doing some type of questioning can help that person more to their favor. They also try to find resources and references that will be credible to their perspective of the topic. The Pro-choice article is not so much of relevant information, which can be a little frustrating because the person wasn’t able to give you much of what you needed to know. They did not use any statistics, numbers, a bit known facts about what their particular thesis was to lure someone into what they believed. Sometimes if you don’t have the knowledge or if you don’t ask or get resources you will not be able to lure someone in to what you believe if you also don’t have much credible source.

However, the topic of Abortion is always a pro and con issue regardless of whom you talk to or whom you know. It is a broad topic that we face in our society for a very long time. Because the topic is about either or, either or is often the decision you either want to get one because of the circumstances or not because of what you believe. The overall, knowledge that I took from these two articles was that the Pro-life argument of the woman had much more credible sources of why someone should not get an abortion. Someone that speaks of abortion can also be very biased of what they believe in. But, although she did not have much biases the other article that I read about Pro-choice did have a lot of biases.

In conclusion, to what I have read about these two articles I have my own personal opinion about each. Just like many other people have their own opinions on how they would handle each situation I have mine. I support 100 % to the fact that I am a pro-life believer. There are many reasons that I wish to agree with the woman that spoke about pro-life. I would not have the decency to be able to know that I carry a child or embryo per say and kill it. “Once there is the union of a sperm and egg, the 23 chromosomes are brought together in one cell with 46 chromosomes.

Once there are 46 chromosomes, that one cell has all the DNA, the whole genetic code for a genetically distinct human life.” (2000, Garg aro) This quote here is a known fact that this relatively article speaks about. It says that there is human life right when the sperm hits the egg. There is an individual distinct human life. Regardless, of what others may say this is a true known fact. Scientist have fought about this for a very long time because each has their own opinion. That is why speaking of abortion is a very broad topic but every source has their relevant information about the particular topic.

There has been articles speaking of abortion as to what would one do if you got raped. Well you use your own personal life or what you have gone through to decide what is the right answer or right decision to take. I for one would not have an abortion, because of all the facts that have been said that you go through getting an abortion. It is often said that it is very dangerous and can harm you personally. Why would someone want to go through such pain, if you don’t have to? Although, being raped is a horrible act to have to happen to someone; you are already dealing with that why have to deal with having an abortion. I have always taken the moralistic approach because of my background and what has been taught to me.

Which is why I will never have an abortion, because of the feeling that I would get after doing so. I would feel very guilty, because I believe in god and a lot of my feelings towards god are good moralistic views.

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