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The first time I met Caleb was a couple years ago by a friend of mine, Dallas. She had a pool party one summer and Caleb’s sister Choley went. Once the party was ending Choley’s mom came with her brother Caleb or Carlos (his nickname) but I’ll get to that later. Dallas introduced me to him.

It wasn’t the best party when you are there with a bunch of girls much younger who liked to talk about the Backstreet Boys, so I started having a conversation with Dylan who was showing me his skateboard. Caleb came up after swimming in the pool. Since he had a Quicksilver shirt on, I asked him if he surfs. He told me yes. We started having conversation about extreme sports, which he loves very much, like me.

As we started talking, he seemed like a very down- to- earth person, like his sister Choley and we became good friends. To describe Caleb is, he is 5’2 and has brown hair. He has pudgy cheeks and so my sister teases him by pinching them. When your having a bad day, he can think of something to cheer you up by making you laugh or smile. He lives with his mom, Chris who is a 38 year old stay at home mom.

I’m not sure what his dad does but his name is Tim. He also lives with his sister Choley, who is 11 and in the sixth grade. Many agree Caleb is good kid. He is friendly and he wouldn’t hurt a fly. He always have a positive attitude when times are tough, especially when his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. He stayed strong and stood by his mom when she was.

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