Crazy Dream Sits In Her Seat

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My family and I planned to take a trip from our hometown, Alert Alabama to Chicago Illinois for the weekend. Our lives are very earth, very basic. There are four of us. Our name is the Tuckers and we live on a farm. Or I could say we rot on a farm. My name is Andy Joe Tucker and I am 18.

Life is very boring there in Alabama, let me tell you, man. Our idea of fun is throwing knifes at pigs as they run around the pin in my back yard. We figured it is too hard to please ourselves all the time, so we planned on letting “run run run hustle bustle” atmosphere of Chicago please us for a weekend. We love Chicago and go there once a year. That Friday morning in July our airplane lifted from the ground.

The flight began smooth and the plane was new. The air was fresh and the sun was bright, man. That all changed the moment the plane smashed and burned into the streets of the Chicago city. We were in the air and the sky was truly of heaven, bro.

I felt as if I was with god gliding across the sky. The captain comes on the intercom and announces we are approaching Chicago but there seems to be a problem, man. He announces, “Ladies and gentlemen, we seem to be having difficulties contacting the Airport down below. Please stay calm while we await a signal that it is safe to land.” A thick and gruesome layer of muck and filth lay over the city.

Looked like a damn pile of hay swirling around there yonder below. I cannot see the cotton picking ground for the life of me. The muck looks of something out of this world and all quite magical, man. The plane is circling the city with still no radio from the airport in return to our calls. Twenty minutes goes by. Suddenly, my chair becomes incredibly hot, so hot I start to scream.

I look around and notice everyone in the cabin is having the same problem. I look down to unbuckle my seatbelt and get the hell of this seat when I realize the buckle is gone, MAN! Literally the buckle is no longer there, just the strap of the belt. I am trapped. In the middle of this excruciating dilemma of my seat and the cries of my fellow passengers, the planes nose goes vertical facing the sky, dude. I am thrown deeper into the burning seat. Then some force sucks us.

I could tell we were being sucked because the planes engines were still running heavily and trying to fight the force pulling us down to earth. The force is too strong and the plane gives in, man. I was so scared, oh man. We go plunging to the earth below.

Everyone is screaming, crying and burning from the blazing hot seats! I have never seen so much pain in the face of any other person than my mother at that moment. We all felt as if we were burning alive, man. The plane enters the muck surrounding the city. Boulders that are swirling around in this muck smash our plane in two, bro.

We hit the ground soon after this. The plane burns and burns. Everyone is dead. I am the only survivor of the crash. I am, for some odd reason, unharmed. Can you believe that? I am no longer in my seat but in the aisle of the burning plane.

Standing up, I put my hands on a dead person to help myself become erect from the ground, dude. Dead smashed bodies are on fire everywhere, man this was crazy man! I walk out to the great opening that used to be the other half of the plane. I have no idea where the other half has landed. As I enter out into the street of Chicago I notice there is no one around. No cars, people or newsstands are around, man. The regular city is not so regular right now.

I begin to walk, man. Man I walk and walk block after block. The city is completely dead, man. I walked so far that I couldn’t walk anymore. I felt like a freak in ox, man.

There is a bus bench on the sidewalk so I sit on it. I sit and wonder what has happened. “Ok, so dude the plane crashed and I am the only one alive. No one is around in this huge city. This is freaky, man.” The atmosphere in the city was so still I felt I was in a dream. There is no wind at all.

Visibility is troubled because of the huge dust blanket over the whole city. While sitting at this bus bench, completely out of nowhere and unexpected, a bus begins to come down the street. It pulls up to the curb where I am sitting. The doors open really slowly.

I stand up facing a young girl in a white dress, man. Her face is very pale. The little girl whispers, “Are you my daddy?” Dude, I am barely able to speak and reply, “Nah baby I ain’t your daddy.” The girl then falls into tears and turns around to go sit down in the bus. Then I realize there is no driver for this huge bus, man! I say, “Hey little crazy girl who was driving this bus! ! ! !” She sits in her seat facing forward and is speechless towards me, man! So I walk onto the bus to try to talk to her. As soon as I reach the third and last step onto the bus the doors close violently! The bus takes off without any driver, man! I jump for the wheel but the force driving it is too strong. The bus hits its brakes and I fly into the windshield, man! I cut my eyebrow.

The little girl still sits in her seat motionless. The bus takes off again at full speed again. It turns and screeches through the still vacant streets of Chicago. I am looking out the front window when I feel two small hands go around my throat. It is the little girl and she is choking me, man.

She screams, “You are my daddy! ! ! ! ! ! You are my daddy! ! ! !” I try to yell back that I am not but I have no air in my lungs to do so, bro. She is beyond strong. I feel like a three hundred pound man is choking me, man. Then she lets go and I turn around and she is not there anymore, dude. I am alone on the bus but not for long, man. The bus pulls up to a curb and an old lady gets on.

She says nothing at first but just stares right into my eyes. Her eyes are the same brown color of the muck in the sky, man! ! She has no pupils of any sort! She then goes down to her purse and pulls out a gun, points it at my face and pulls the trigger. She blew my brains out, man. My body and blood from the exit wound in my head all goes backwards. I lay there on the ground but I am not dead.

I then realize I am able to pull myself up. The old lady laughs at me, man. She then walks up and puts handcuffs to my wrist and hers, connecting us together. The bus again halts at the next bus stop and we both get off. My face is perfectly normal just like it was before, like I was never even shot before. It was out of the world, man.

I asked her, ” Where are we going?” She did not reply. We go down a few blocks or so and then enter a dark alley. She pulls out two knifes, man. She is really going crazy now! ! ! She begins to stab me and I try to run man but I am handcuffed to her, man! She stabs me over and over and over and over and over, man.

I could feel the pain. I was laying there and she un-cuffed me, man. I couldn’t move this time. I died, man. I really really did! ! But now I sit here in a mental institution in Miami Florida. They all think I’m crazy but I know I’m not, man.

I just know it! One day they will see. Just go to Chicago man and you will see everything! ! ! They say I’m a possessed crazy drunk and they say I will be in this hospital for a long time. At least until I stop raping young girls and kidnapping old ladies. But I swear I don’t remember doing any of that, man. I swear. I can’t take it in here for much longer, man.

I’m really freak in cold, man! ! !

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