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When I was sixteen years old I was going through teen peer pressure of trying to fit in with the people in high school. Well, one hot summer day I decide to relax and color my own hair without my mother’s permission. I went to B-Plus hair designs and purchased a Dark and Lovely relaxer and Ms. Clairol honey blonde permanent dye. Once I got home from the hair store I sat outside and talked with my mother and neighbor Deatrice. As soon as my mother turned her back to go to the ice cream man I ran in the house and started relaxing my hair with the dark and lovely relaxer.

After applying the relaxer to my hair I proceeded to rinse it out after letting it sit for five minutes. Once I continued to apply the dye to my hair my scalp immediately started burning. I tried my best to endure the pain after; I got the dye in my hair. I put on a plastic cap over my head and stuck my head under cold water to relieve the burning sensation.

After waiting ten minutes I decided to wash my hair with neutralizing shampoo. My hair started coming out in patches all in the sink I started screaming at the top on my lungs and my mother and Deatrice ran in the house and came up stairs to see what was wrong. When my mother seen majority of my hair in the sink and that it was honey blonde she started yelling at me. While my mother was yelling Deatrice called the ambulance and told them that I have had a bad chemical reaction to my head. Once, the ambulance arrived, they asked me what had happened and immediately applied a special chemical wash to my scalp to stop the chemical burn from damaging any other parts of my scalp. Upon my arrival to the hospital the doctors had to cut the hair that was left on my head.

The doctors had to remove the dead skin with baby draft detergent, because the dead skin could cause severe infections. I had to be seen every two days by my family doctor to make sure that my scalp wasn’t infected. I had to walk around with my hair cut like a boy with blonde patches in my hair. When I went to school the next week people started calling me cheetah head. The makers of dark and lovely products clearly states do not use on permanently, colored hair which is breaking, splitting or otherwise damaged.

For hair that has been permanently colored and shows no sign of damage, use only mild strength formula. According to the Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Cosmetics and Colors, hair straighteners and hair dyes are among its top consumer complaint areas. Complaints range from hair breakage to symptoms warranting an emergency room visit. Reporting such complaints is voluntary, and the reported problem is often due to incorrect use of a product rather than the product itself. FDA encourages consumers to understand the risks that come with using hair chemicals, and to take a proactive approach in ensuring their proper use.

The agency doesn’t have authority under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to require pre market approval for cosmetics, but it can take action when safety issues surface The lesson that I have learned is that a child needs to stay in a child’s place and quit trying to be grown, because my mother always told me that a hard head makes a soft bottom. Also, when it comes to doing things that are required by a person who have license, let them do there work. What’s done in the dark will come to the light and things happen for a reason. As being human we learn from our mistakes and the key is to learn from them..

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