Future Ethical Issues In Genetics

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There are many ethical issues in the world, and most times there is no conclusion as to which way is right, or wrong. It is simply a matter of opinion. Here today with all the advancements in technology, we can already clone an animal. These and other things are very controversial, and many countries already have laws against cloning.

But, there is a new thing out there that really caught my attention, Genetic altering of DNA that can improve many things that are problems today, and it has potential to become a regular tradition in the world. By taking the DNA of gametes and changing them genetically, you can essentially genetically make a baby the way you want it. You can make it tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes, but then, you can also make it immune to all diseases, disorders, or anything like going bald. There are many new movies and shows that show the future, and what might happen if we let things like this happen.

First of all, the ability to experience life the way it was meant to be. Scientists argue that if a baby is going to be born, but they know it would be born with certain disorders, and may not survive, that with the advancement of the technology, they could prevent that from happening. Also, there are many bad things that could come from this. I saw an episode of The Outer Limits a while ago that showed a problem that could happen if people used the genetic altering for morally wrong things. The show was set in the future, where genetically creating people was accepted, but there was a problem.

People had made other people that were deficient mentally, and were made to basically be slave workers. Yet, a few didn t turn out as planed and had realized that what they were doing to them was wrong. The workers turned on them, and they started a war. It seems that even though people often think nothing could go wrong, something always could. That was just one possibility, and many people think including myself, simply that many advancements in technology could just be done without legally, and most problems would be solved themselves. I do believe that researchers have a right to research as much as they want to, but there is a limit at what we can permit happening.

I don t mind if they find out that they could do this or that, as long as they don t do it. And that is why we already have so many laws against things like cloning humans, and other genetic experiments, and though we strive to find out more and more, there are many variables that can trigger catastrophic events that could mean very likely destroying ourselves.

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