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Fold your shirt Find a flat, open space to fold your clothes. A bed, or a clean table or floor are all good spots. Put each folded garment out of the way in a clean space as you finish with each piece. It’s best to fold items when they are still warm. Lie the garment on a flat surface and smooth out the wrinkles. If smoothed when warm, they ” ll stay that way.

Shirts: Hold the shirt by its shoulders. Flap up and down once or twice so it hangs straight. Lay it face-down on the folding surface and smooth out any folds. You can do an extra neat job by pulling gently on the side seams to smooth out the back. Now start folding.

Fold the shirt lengthwise along the line of the outer edge of the collar or neck band. Smooth the sleeve out, using your fingers to pull at the seam, making it slightly taut. Fold the other side over. Fold it lengthwise, along the line of the outer edge of the collar. Repeat the sleeve-smoother technique. Fold the shirt in half.

Take the bottom edge of the shirt with both hands and fold it up to the collar. You ” re done — onto the next one! To Fold a Shirt: o Lie the shirt flat. o Fold arms over until they meet in middle of the shirt. o Fold shoulders over until they are equal with each other.

To Hang a Shirt: o Hang the shirt on the hanger as shown above. o Or, if there are clips on your hanger, clip the shirt on the shoulders. To Fold Socks: o Place one sock on top of the other. o Grab three of the top layers of elastic with one thumb, while holding one layer with the other.

o Roll your thumbs away from each other until the elastic on the sock is fully turned inside out. To Fold Underwear: o Fold the two sides of the gar met together until they meet. o Fold over once more if necessary. Folding laundry is an important skill that every person should know since it will be imperative when it comes time to do your laundry in college.

Having your laundry folded crisp and tight is very important. You always want your clothing fresh and neat every time you get dressed. It is a good idea to fold clothing while they are still warm because this will help avoid wrinkles and make for a smoother fold. The longer you wait to fold your laundry the more wrinkled and dirty it will get. If there is no room in your drawers for your laundry you should fold it and put it back in the hamper to ensure freshness. Different clothing requires different methods of folding.

First, to properly fold a shirt you must lay the shirt on a flat surface. Next you fold the arms over until they meet in the middle of the shirt. You end this process by folding the shoulders inward and bending the shirt in half for proper storage. For pants, shorts, or underwear you begin by aligning the two legs and placing them together.

Then you fold the pants in half, and once more if necessary. If you are going to store pants on a hanger, fold them over once with the hanger in the middle. To fold socks, place one sock on top of the other. Next grab three of the four layers of elastic with one thumb and index finger, and the other layer of elastic with your other hand. To complete this process, roll your thumbs backwards until the socks are attached. Jackets and blazers should be hung on a hanger in their obvious positions..

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