Loyalty As Theme In Popular Mechanics

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Loyalty in a relationship may be the difference between a healthy family and a heartbroken family. This is the thesis statement for my essay, which i am writing on the story Popular Mechanics. One theme I am going to discuss in my paper is the effects of cheating in a relationship, which is symbolized thru the snow melting into dirty water. Another theme I will discuss in the paper is a broken home or life which is symbolized thru the flowerpot being knocked down. The title for my paper is going to be ‘Hand in Hand’. The last sentence of the story Popular Mechanics states ‘In this manner, the issue was decided.’ Manner is defined as a way of doing; being done, or happening, made of action, occurrence, etc.

It is derived from the Latin word manu aria, which means pertaining to the hand. Issue is defined as a point in question or a matter that is in dispute. Issue is derived from the Latin word exile which means to go out. Decided is defined as unquestionable and the dictionary had no derivatives. That sentence means in the manner that the two adults were fighting over the baby the issue was settled because they both ended up killing the baby. the baby in the story symbolizes the heart of the relationship.

he baby is the main source of the problem. First it starts with the picture on the bed, then it goes into the blanket over the babies head.

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