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Ti Vo is the hottest in the United States today. Millions of people from all over the states buy something that finally is for once convenient for them. Many people in their households have at least some type cable server instead of basic television. The mission statement for Ti Vo should be providing viewers the control of what they watch and when they want to watch it. Putting viewers in control of their television-viewing experience in ways they never had before.

The marketing objective for Ti Vo is to have sales hit a reach of 14 million homes by the year 2005. Ti Vo wants to be the fastest leading consumers in the electronic industry. Ti Vo can create for many views that watch television in their own way, and program their favorite shows anytime of the day. Ti Vo will be the first to have opportunities for many purchasers who choose to buy Ti Vo experience a new way of watching television they ever had before. People who purchase Ti Vo can be able to fast forward through boring commercials that many people dread to watch when they are trying to sit down, and watch movies or shows. The strategy of Ti Vo is convenience.

Many people like to record many shows that they miss, because many people in the United States work and can’t afford to stay home and watch what they want. Ti Vo makes there product possible for people to watch a show that they missed at anytime. There best strengths for Ti Vo is that there is no one to compete against them, one because they are the first to come out with such a great product for many to go out and buy. Giving people time to see anything on television that available at anytime at their fingertips and again at their convenience. The weakness for Ti Vo is maybe this is not for everyone.

Sometimes many people who live in poverty won’t be able to get Ti Vo and pay when the bills come in. Some people rather go out instead of always being in the house. Studies show that many people watch television in there homes, but what of the people that don’t. Ti Vo needs to show people why this is the hottest product and why people should buy. The kind of target Ti Vo should look at is people you know people who can afford their product. They need people who constantly watch television.

People who like to stay home, or a person who records shows that they have missed after coming for work. They should target people who live in suburban and city areas where they know they can sell this product, and make it a hot item. The marketing mix that Ti Vo should introduce to many people who decide to purchase there products are educational shows they most cable server don’t have they you would have to pay extra for. Something for adults use at easy access, without worrying about calling the company and finding something they can’t look for. Show that this product is good for their children when they decide to watch television. Have educational shows ready at their disposal when they need to watch something that they can learn.

This product should not be difficult to use. It should easy for people to just figure out on there own. The name that they decided to call for there company is easy to pronounce not something that is going to be hard, and decide to be a turn off when customers what to try to buy your product. This is a good name that people can remember and say “I heard of that product.” Location of selling this product should be easy.

Again you want to sell this product where is can be convenient for anyone to go and buy. Have places like distributors to sell the product like Best Buy or Circuit City. Ti Vo promoting everywhere that you see from the televisions to the internet. They had a great distributor who was able to see their product for the first time.

Best Buy is a great place to find the hottest and best technology out there. Everything thing your looking for is right there in one store. It’s great to have a great distributor that is big and that’s known. You want your product to be out there.

You don’t want a product that is only going to be around for a year, and then fade slowly. You want a product that is going to be successful. You want a product that is going to beat any completion around you, making them unable to complete. Pricing for Ti Vo for one is expensive. To have a 40-hour version will cost $299 and the 60-hour version is priced to be at $399.

A person who wants the best convenience for them again would want to but something like this, because they will be the ones to get the best use out of it. They need to advertise specials that will make people want to buy there product. They need to say why there product is better, and what makes them better than the rest. Make people want to feel confident and right to the purchase that they are buying from you. Giving them the best service for there product. Give people who decide they want to buy your product a free trial, make they want to feel that this product is right for them as well as affordable..

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