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Sphere Sphere is an interesting story about a group of scientists from different disciplines who are brought to a super-secret underwater site where the U. S. Navy has discovered a mysterious, glowing sphere. Although the movie was very interesting, a lot of scientific facts, it was just too long and there were parts of the film where I found myself yawning.

I give the movie a thumb up for being the movie my teacher chose to show the class. Although the movie was directed by Barry Levinson and starred Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone, and Samuel L. Jackson it would not be a movie I would pick off the shelf and rent for my own interest. Psychologist Norman Goodman is summoned to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, to provide trauma-assistance in what he believes to be a plane crash. When he arrives he is informed that a ship laying fibre optic cables between Honolulu and Sydney had come across an unknown object 1000 feet under the ocean. The navy using SLS side looking sonar was able to detect an aerodynamic fin longer than a football field and longer than any known wingspan.

Also using the fuel lodge extra high resolution SLS bottom scan they figured out that the spacecraft was buried under 8 yards of quarrel. Knowing that the pacific quarrel grows at a rate of an inch a year they were able to calculate that the spacecraft crashed about 300 years ago. Also there is a low level hum that the sonar can pick up. The human contact team recommended in the Goodman report, written for the possible encounter with aliens, are in charge of finding out everything there is to know about the spacecraft.

The team consists of a psychologist (Norman Goodman), biochemist (Beth Halp ren), mathematician (Harry Adams), and an astrophysicist (Ted). According to the Goodman report a biochemist is needed to assess the physiology of the unknown life form. A mathematician is needed because math would be the common language. An astrophysicist is needed to locate the place in the cosmos. This elite team will be staying in a habitat 1000 feet beneath the ocean. The habitat is handled by two navy personal.

The contact team finds a large sphere in the spacecraft that reflects everything but humans. According to Ted if they were to put a micrometer around the sphere it would be perfect to the millionth of an inch. Then when the crew loses contact with the surface because of a storm overhead the team is forced to stay in the habitat. When a few crew members are killed the crew is forced to find out the mysteries of the sphere while dealing with distrust between each other.

The movie contained some good scientific information. It mentioned the concept of the black hole, a collapsed dead star that has so much gravity it acts like a huge vacuum cleaner sucking everything (dust, light, and time). It also demonstrated that a liquid hydrogen bomb would send a shock wave under water and after the shockwave passes everything would be pulled back in toward the source. This said the movie also contained some ridiculous under water animals such as killer jellyfish and snake. The movie also mentioned some physicist and their accomplishments such as Newton discovering gravity at age 23. Overall Sphere is a ridiculous movie.

If I didn’t have to do an assignment on it I wouldn’t watch it past the first half hour. The plot was horrible and the only reason it made it to store shelves is because of the star cast. I mean if an alien spacecraft was discovered the United States would send more than three scientists and a psychologist to examine the spacecraft. It would also take more than a storm overhead to stop them from keeping in contact with the habitat. It can be said that it is a good science movie but if you ” re into Hollywood movies I wouldn’t recommend it.

If you ” re into science fiction movies this is a perfect movie for you and if you ” re a science teacher you will love it.

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