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Feburary 24 th, 2004 two days before my first draft is due. For my personal essay. I’ve chose number 3 for my question but how do i answer… so many people I look up to and so many lessons learned.

Walked in the door of my Grandmother’s house, it was cold you could feel the chill go down your spine and the goose bumps forming on your arms. My mom had dropped me off. It had only been five min tues and i already missed her. Do I miss her cause she’s the only one on my side that knows how I am feeling or is it because she’s going away for vacation? Well my mom is gone she had planned for my uncle Dave to pick me up for the next two weeks and my god mother would pick me up the two following weeks after. But there was a misunderstanding with my aunt obviously.

She had asked me who was going to drive me for the first two days of school. She has told me my mother said Dave was, so of course I told her that Dave was. My grandmother had decided for us to call Dave and make sure what was going on. I was like whatever I dont mind because theirs nothing wrong with making sure. Time had passed, dinner had been served. Me and my aunt had already been on bad terms since I was young.

Anyways lets get back to what i was saying. Nine o’ clock has hit just doing what I have to do in my room by myself. It got closer and closer… time. The later it got the worse things would get. I could feel it in my heart something bad was going to happened to me.

Bump bump bump… BOOM! Someone swings my door open. Already i knew somethings wrong. By the look on her face. Then she me in a hoarse tone of voice saying “Go to bed.” I said to her in a very calm voice and said “Well its only nine thirty and i dont go to bed until ten thirty.” The voice got even more demanding “As long your in this house you sleep at nine thirty.” I had said nothing, afar id I would make things worse. She asked has my mother left on the plane yet.

I said “No I had jus got of the phone with her.” Call her she said so quickly it felt like a quick whip on my back. I did as she said, my mom told her that Tiffani goes to bed at 10: 30. SHe was angry she had hung up on my mother. Half an hour later my uncle Jack on called eagerly to speak to me. I though it would be a good conversation, but it turned out to be a horrible one. He was yelling at me for lying to my aunt about driving me to school.

My uncle did not only yell but had lectured me about her ground rules on using the phone and the computer. I had told him tha i didn’t lie that i just didn’t know that she was driving me. This point that moment is when I heard the truth the truth that hurts me. It finally came out have you lied before? With no doubt I said, “Yes.” Thats wen he said then how can you expect us to trust you? it was all over i couldn’t even breath after hearing that. From someone I so much but then yet i did deserve it. Still that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt.

I’ve learned that for all the things i did. No one be lives me anymore or at least my parents. I’ve lost all my trust with my relatives, from cutting school and everything else a teenage boy would go through. Feels like im tied in the middle since I can’t go left, I cant go right. I can only go forward and forward seems so hard with everything in the way.

My are their for me no doubt. I’ve learned to chose the that knows whats best for me and keep the distance from the ones that our only in for fun.

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