Writing a College Essay Done Right

Writing college essays isn’t a sunshiny walk in a park. It’s a tedious labor requiring commitment, skill and
time. Today students seldom possess at least one of those in the amount substantial to ace written
homework without a single sweat drop falling.

Did you do well with essays in high school? Doesn’t matter, college is a different league. In fact, it’s basically
the Premier League of essays, courseworks and theses. Writing a college essay is just the beginning, later
on there’ll be much more complex and brain-wracking assignments, so you should master the craft of swift
composition writing in the quickest fashion.

10 hints to turn in better essays
College is the work where strongest and smartest survive, just like in the jungle. You either become an apex
predator inside the classroom or get eaten by those who are smarter, better and faster. Sounds harsh? But
still sounds true.

1. Start doing assignments in advance to fit into the schedule
2. Studying has the highest priority over partying, relationships and social life
3. Research a topic and find classy reference sources before doing everything else
4. Quotes must be relevant and perfectly referenced (APA or MLA)
5. Proofreading must be done after some time after a manuscript is complete
6. Fit into the timeline or die trying
7. Write for no more than 3 hours in a row, for no more than 5 hours total daily
8. Re-write stuff from the Internet is the wrong path
9. Tailor the grammar and syntax to perfection while in college
10. Instructor is your only audience to whom you must appeal to

College is the first serious test of you fitting in adult life. You either become stronger and succeed or
graduate with nothing. Reading beneath the lines is another skill you should master A to Z. Childhood is in
the past, writing a college essay for the first time will show you how true it is. After all, it all comes down to
who prepares better essays, not to who has the best oral answers at seminars and lab sessions.

Ways to make writing college essays easier
As a college student you should be box-clever. Take away these pink glasses of yours and embrace the
reality – academic writing is the worst yet most influential aspect of your academic performance. That’s
why you should treat writing a college essay with all due respect it deserves. Like an old grumpy lady living
next door back when you were a kid, no matter how much you didn’t like her, you still had to greet the
woman every morning and smile.

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